It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Someone's in an Open Crib!!

Sidney is in an open crib now! This is big news and we're so excited. :)

Please still keep our little guy in your prayers though. He had a very rough day today. He had two bad spells today where they had to "bag" him to revive him. It's very scary when this happens. His oxygen levels as well as his heartrate drop dramatically. It's very trying on his still tiny body. The doctors will be taking blood samples in the morning to see if our little man will have to get a blood transfusion. He seemed very pale tonight when I visited him, I have a feeling that a blood transfusion will be necessary.

I love my baby more than anything...


  1. wish i could say that i c sidney in person growing by the day but sure am thankful 4 the opportunity computers offer us long distance grandparents. he sure has come a ways in looks & physical wellbeing since my last visit. he is loved & adored by many. please keep the pics & updates coming for those of us that care so much & aren't able 2 b there.

  2. Your long distance coworkers also enjoy the pictures and updates! Always glad to see progress. Go, Sid!

  3. He is so handsome! It was good to see you this morning :). Praying for you guys.

  4. sorry to hear about sids rough day, just think of the hurdles he has cleared though! he is a fighter...he gets it honestly from his momma and dad! he looks terrific! he def has your lips jess!