It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Little Guy is Over 8 Months Old!

Wow, times flies...Sidney is already 8 1/2 months old. We've all but forgotten his long journey in the NICU, now it just seems like he's always been right at home with us the whole time. He's quite a match for Jeremy and I; he likes to sleep in, he laughs at Jer's jokes, he loves to be outside in the beautiful sunshine. He's perfect! :) We love him more everyday. He brings so much life into our lives. I couldn't imagine a world without him.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

He's Now 7 Months Old! Whow, Time has FLOWN!

Sidney turned 7 months old on Feb3rd. The time has serious flown. He's grown so much and has really changed from the 6.5 lb baby we brought home from the hospital back in October. He's learning something new everyday. I couldn't be happier that my wonderful husband (and excellent daddy!) is at home with him every day. I know that Sidney is getting the best care and attention he could possibly get. :)

They grow up so fast! LOL

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Update on Sid's Height and Weight

So Sidney went to his scheduled 6th month Well Baby exam with his pediatrician this past week. The doctor is amazed at his growth so far. Since Sidney was born, he's been tracked on a height/weight scale for other babies his age (actual age, not gestational). Up until now, he's been well below the 10% range, more like 1% to 5%. Meaning, he was only larger than 1-5% of other babies his same age. We knew this was going to be the case since he was born nearly 4 months early. How could he possibly be the same size as other babies born at full term? We never were concerned that he was so below the line. this visit, he weighed in at 16lbs and measured 25" in length...he's finally above the 10th percentile! This is BIG news...he's growing so fast, that soon enough he'll be caught up to other babies his age. It's amazing how his body is working in hyperdrive to catch up. We're so proud of him.

This week we've even started him on eating brown rice cereal and today we tried peaches. It's taking him a little time to get used to the spoon instead of his bottle, but he's picking up the process pretty quickly. :)

More pictures to come soon...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Frazier Come for a Visit!

My mom and dad came for a week to visit our little bundle of joy. This was the first time they had seen him since he was only a few days old. It was really like seeing him for the first time. I was really happy to see my parents be able to hold him and interact with him. Sidney is such a ham, he loves the attention he was getting all week. Here are some shots from this past week...

Sidney + Grandma

Sidney going on a walk with Jer and my parents

Having a heated discussion with Daddy

Going for a Ride

Dancing with Daddy

Napping with Grandma

The Proud Grandparents

Aww! :)

Look at that smile!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Days Shy of 6 Months Old!!

On January 3rd, our little Sidney will be 6 months old. Wow, how time has flown! It's hard to believe that he spent his first 3 1/2 months of life in the NICU. To us, it seems like he's always been home with us.

He's really a joy...he's getting to be so much fun lately. He's way more active than before, giggling like crazy, and still growing like a weed. Sidney is now close to (if not already) 15lbs! He's steadily gaining nearly a pound a week. Our pediatrician told us that his growth spurt is because his body is trying to catch up with other 6 month olds. He projects that he'll be caught up before his 2nd birthday. It's amazing how the human body works.

Sidney got his first cold the week before last. He was miserable. He had serious issues with his breathing and had Jeremy and I on the edge of our seats as to what to do to help him. I made an appt with the lung doctor immediately. He was put on Prednisone and Abuterol. I hated giving him the steriod (Prednisone), but it seemed to make him better. After several miserable days of constant crying and hundreds of nose suctions, Sidney made it through his first illness with flying colors.

Sidney has a new thing that he does his thumb. Unbelieveably, Sid is teething already. He's drooling like crazy and chewing on his arm like it's a piece of meat. LOL. The thumbsucking seems to calm him down. I don't like it, but if it makes him happy, for now I'll let it go. :)

Watching the Penguin Game with Daddy

Sucking his Thumb

Enjoying a Hug from Daddy