It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bottle...wha-wha-what?!

So Jeremy went to the NICU this morning for his usual visit with the little guy only to find out that late last night the nurse decided to try feeding Sidney with a bottle. He downed his 32ml in a mere 18 minutes. Pretty good for a beginner!

Now his feeding tube has been moved from his mouth to his nose, leaving room for him to bottle and/or breast feed twice a day. As soon as the doctors feel he's ready (which hopefully will only be a few days), he can start being fed exclusively via bottle or breast. This is a big step!

Here's a cute pic of my baby that I thought I would share. It's from last week, but it's so sweet and I doctored it up a bit.

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