It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Pictures and Video!

Well, Sidney is up to 5cc's of breast milk every three hours now! I can't believe how fast he's progressing with his feedings, it's amazing. :) I got to Kangaroo with Sidney for an hour an a half tonight! He did SO well. His oxygen stats stayed steady the whole time. I guess the sound of his mommy's heartbeat soothed him. I love him so much.

Jeremy caught Sid and me off-guard in this pic. LOL. We're both "deer in the headlights"! Sid looks so shocked! He's like "whoa Dad, no flash photography!"

This is a cute video that Jeremy shot of Sidney looking around. For the first 30 minutes or so, Sidney was so interested in his surroundings. Daddy got to spend some time gazing into his little boy's eyes. It was a precious moment.


  1. I got a rare weekday evening home & didn't have 2 rent a video. this one's better than any rental flick. jess, u know ur setting urself up 4 sid 2 b a hip baby ie he is not going 2 let u get 2 far away without a fuss UNLESS pappy goodtime sandberg shows up to take some of the pressure off u & jeremy:-D

  2. Jessie, you look so beautiful holding your sweet baby boy. motherhood suits you very well:) and Sid is so cute:)

  3. That deer in the headlights one might be my favorite so far. You are glowing and he is adorable! I also loved seeing his fingers next to yours in the video. Awww.

    Glad he's doing so well!

  4. This is so amazing and shows just how precious every minute, hour, and fleeting moment is with your newborn premie or not. In a year and even in a month when he is surpassing all those baby milestones (don't preemies always end up flying by) you will cry over these precious moments when he was just yours and not such a "Bigboy" I hope and wish for all the best for you, you are such a sweet person and a dear friend to are blessed and that will hopefully be a smooth transition for baby Sid. ENJOY!!!!!~Lauren (Jackies friend lol)

  5. I think about you guys every day! Love you Jess. Kisses all around.