It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blood Transfusion...

So Sid had to get a blood transfusion yesterday. This is something that is common with preemies, so we weren't too worried. It took three hours to give him 11cc's of blood. Afterwards, it was immediate how much it helped his tiny body. His color was SO much better. He's already thriving! He's gained another ounce, he's up to 1lb 9oz now. He even looks chubbier and maybe even a little longer. He's still able to digest breast milk (yay!).

Our A/C went out last night (boo!), so I wasn't able to see my little guy this morning (waiting on the A/C repairman), but his daddy and his grandma Grace were able to spend several hours with him. Jeremy called to tell me the good news...for 15 minutes he was able to Kangaroo our little Sid for the very first time!! What a special moment. For those of you that aren't familiar with Kangaroo Care, it's when the baby is placed on the parent's bare chest for a period of time. Research shows that kangarooing preemies increases survival rates and shortens lengths of stay in the hospital. The skin-to-skin contact provides that closeness that the infant longs for and promotes bonding between the parent and child. It's really something special for a parent of a preemie in the NICU to experience. Hopefully this evening I'll get my chance to do this with my baby. :)

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