It's a BOY!


Name: Sidney Andrew Sandberg
Born: 7/3/2010 @ 9:55am
Weight: 1lb 8oz
Length: 11 1/2"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Nearly 3 Weeks Now...

Well, Sidney's been home for nearly three weeks now. Sorry it's taken me ages to post, but it's been a whirlwind lately. It's definitely a lifestyle change when you have a baby. Your whole daily routine gets thrown out the window. We now live on Sidney's schedule: sleep very little during the day, totally awake at night. He's a handful only because he seems to be hungry 24/7, ravenously hungry. He really only cries when he wants a bottle, but it seems like he always wants a bottle. He's an eater, that's for sure.

So far he's seen three doctors: pediatrician, eye doctor, and pulmonologist. His eyes are stable (great to hear) and he's steadily gaining weight. As of last Wednesday, our little man is 8lbs 3oz and 19 3/4 inches in length. In a week, he had put on an additional 10oz and grown an astonishing inch and a quarter. He's definitely going thru the growth spurt that the nurses in the NICU told us about. Being at home in a quiet and loving environment is really doing him wonders.

Speaking of the NICU, for those of you that didn't know...Celine Dion had her twins in the hospital that I had Sid in, St Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL. Her two boys were delivered early via C-Section. We've read that they were in incubators and now suddenly they were released only a few days later? I find that hard to believe...they would have been in the NICU for longer than that just for light therapy for jaundice. Jeremy and I think that she probably has her own staff of doctors and nurses at her home in Jupiter, FL taking care of the babies.

Ok, that was a little off subject, back to the main man Sidney. :)

We went to the Pulmonologist this past week. We've been closely monitoring Sid's oxygen levels via monitors and such since he's come home. If his saturation levels were high, we would turn his O2 down and vice versa. Well, there were times where his levels were steadily high enough that we would just shut off the O2 tank entirely. We mentioned this to the doctor and he suggested that we continue to try to ween him off the oxygen and just "spot check" him with the monitors. Jer and I didn't like the "spot checking" idea, so we've kept him on the monitors, just in case. Well, Sid went over two whole days with his O2 off, so yesterday we decided to take off his nasal cannulla entirely. What a big step. :) We were finally able to actually see our baby's face. You get accustomed to seeing him with the cannulla, it becomes part of him and to now have it off, it's like we had a totally different baby. He's absolutely adorable. It's such a relief and a great feeling to know that we're almost there. Almost to the point where Sidney can be a normal baby.

Vaccines on Monday...oi! It's going to be a very scary day. :(


  1. would b easier 2 type without tears in my eyes. he is such a beautiful baby & we r so happy 2 see & hear how wonderful he is doing. he's like a powerful magnet-u can't help from being pulled right to him. lots of credit to the parents 4 all their sleepless efforts!!! love & miss u all

  2. I agree with pappy sandberg!! Holy chocked up batman! He is beautiful! What a blessing!! Jess and Jer, I am so happy and proud of the two of you!! god bless you all!